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Model 435® Versatile, reliable, large storage.

TYMCO® Regenerative Air Sweepers

Legendary performance on the toughest applications

United Engines is an authorized distributor of TYMCO® Regenerative Air Sweepers in Oklahoma. In addition to new product sales, we provide factory authorized service, genuine parts, and warranty support for all TYMCO products.

From highly maneuverable parking lot sweepers, high dump street sweepers, and high-speed airport runway sweepers, to dustless sweepers and CNG sweepers, TYMCO models deliver incredible results on even the toughest applications.


Parking Lot

Model 210h®

Optimized hydraulic power.

Parking Lot, Parking Garage

Model 210®

Power, maneuverability, low height clearance.

Parking Lot, Street, Airport, Industrial

Model 435®

Versatile, reliable, large storage.

Street, Airport, CNG Option

Model 500x®

Sub-68 second dump cycle, 11’ dump height.

Street, Airport, Industrial, CNG Option

Model 600®

Environmentally friendly, low TCO.

Street, Airport Industrial

Model DST-4®

Dustless, MERV 16, wet or dry.

Street, Airport Industrial

Model DST-6®

Dustless, MERV 16, wet or dry.

Airport, CNG

Model HSP®

250mph controlled air, heavy debris removal.

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