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MTU On-site Energy:
Power generating systems from MTU Onsite Energy provides continuous efficient power when you need it most. When used as prime power, our systems are scalable to fit a broad range of applications. In standby use, our systems keep power flowing seamlessly in the event of a utility failure. MTU Onsite Energy systems deliver the refined power required by sensitive computer networks while accommodating the high transient loads of air conditioners, compressors, and similar equipment. Applications and locations may vary, but the need for reliable power is a constant. MTU Onsite Energy power generating systems will meet this need every moment of every day, for years to come.

Available at United Engines | (405) 947-3321

GE Generator systems:
GE is the leader in energy innovation, committed to using the latest technology to provide homeowners with peace of mind during a power outage. GE generator systems feature a patented Symphony II power management system allowing you to manage and prioritize loads without the need for a large expensive standby system.

Available at United Engines | (405) 947-3321


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